Welcome to the Blue Ridge Chapter of the Volvo Club of America. The Chapter's members reside in the Carolinas and the surrounding states. All Volvo enthusiasts are welcome. Makes no difference whether you drive "old" iron or a late model vehicle, turn a wrench or just turn a wheel.

Our purpose is to provide a forum for members and enthusiasts to discuss Volvos passionately, convene social events (e.g., drives & part swaps) as well as serve as a mutual local resource for information regarding service and parts.

Contact us and join our mailing list. At this time this is all it takes to be a Blue Ridge Chapter “member” is to show up at a Chapter meeting. Although membership in the Volvo Club of America (VCOA) is suggested, but it is not required. Click here to join VCOA. VCOA members receive a discount on Volvo parts from area dealers. Please remember to register in the forums.

*** Important Announcement about the Volvo Day Event ***

Blue Ridge Chapter is sponsoring a Volvo Track and Safety Day 

Saturday, October 17th at Virginia International Raceway (VIR)

The event stresses the safety and stability features of the Volvo and offers Volvo drivers an opportunity to drive a speedy parade lap around the track as well as test their wet weather driving skills on a skid pan/pad under controlled conditions.

All Volvo drivers are afforded an opportunity to show their Volvo, vintage, stock or modified and be judged by the participants.

This is a family event and both experienced and young drivers will have an opportunity to navigating the serpentine cone lined skid pan/pad while "texting" or talking on a cell phone without hitting any of the cones or pedestrians. This timed event, supervised by VIR staff, is a real eye awakening activity for all drivers.  Should be fun to watch.

A quick scan of the brochure (click here for brochure) and the VIR website (http://virnow.com/experience/) reveals the other myriad opportunities VIR offers in which participants may participate. Personally, I plan to do some skeet shooting

For more information and to sign up for the event, click here

Bob Sepe

Chapter President


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